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Best Edtech Companies to Work For: Why Keypath’s People Matter

05/15/23   |  
Keypath Education
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Best edtech companies to work for: why Keypath’s people matter

Any reputable organization knows that its people are the key to its success. In the edtech space, Keypath’s people are the face of everything we do. Attracting and retaining talented people that share our vision is vital.

Keypath is one of the best edtech companies to work for and our team is among some of the best in the world at what they do. We achieve this with industry-leading programs and employee benefits that help us retain quality Keypathers while providing growth opportunities.

The Future Leaders Program is one of our key offerings, giving Keypathers a chance to develop real-world leadership skills in the organization and learn from their international colleagues. We speak with Keypath Education’s Vice President Organizational Development, Robin Washington, about the program and what it means for our team and business. 

Why people are central to our success

People are at the core of any business, regardless of size, industry, or goals. A good employer understands the value of their people and takes action to make them feel respected, appreciated, and supported.

“Our people are central to our business model and front and center with our university partner’s student experience,” says Robin.

As ambassadors for our brand, we want our Keypathers to know that they matter. They’re the connection between our business and our university partners. Most importantly, when our employees feel valued, they value us. As a result, employee performance improves, people remain with the organization for longer, and they actively work towards bettering the company and achieving its vision.

​​“We are changing students’ lives every day, so we are all about attracting the best people to join our organization. People that are motivated by the idea of changing lives and wanting to join an organization that’s making a difference. When you speak to people at Keypath, a key reason they join is because of our purpose and the fact we’re transforming the world through education."

“If we’ve got the best people, and we’re retaining them, it directly impacts our university partner’s students’ lives and outcomes.”

Keypath’s future leaders: moving forward with purpose

In 2022, the Bureau of Statistics reported that 9.5% of employed people changed jobs, the highest mobility rate in a decade. And these days, attracting and retaining staff means more than a pat on the back or an annual bonus. Modern, inclusive, and valuable retention strategies are essential.

Our desire to be one of the best companies to work for in edtech means that at Keypath, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our employee experience.

One innovation Keypath has introduced to ensure this success is the Future Leaders Program.

The Future Leaders Program

A professional development initiative unique to Keypath, the highly popular Future Leaders Program was introduced in 2021. It offers future Keypath leaders real-world training and guidance from within their teams, as well as from their international Keypath colleagues. But it’s not just the people who benefit from this type of initiative. The business also wins.

“At the core of it, we were looking to future-proof our organization with trained leaders,” explains Robin.

“As Keypath now operates globally with a hybrid remote-to-in-office model, the core competencies for future leaders include  resilience and adaptability, leadership and teamwork, delivery and execution, innovation and critical thinking, and knowledge and communication.”

Robin explains that in addition to learning modules that the participants complete, the program also provides access to leaders across the company who mentor participants through accountability groups. Together, participants and their mentors work on live business projects. Once completed, these projects are then presented to the broader leadership team where outcomes may be implemented across the business. It’s a great way to learn hands-on skills while solving real-time business issues.

The value of mentorship

Andrea Velardi is a PhD and Learning Designer with Keypath Education Asia-Pacific and a 2022 Future Leader graduate. He says having a dedicated mentor created meaningful opportunities for him to set goals, ask questions and seek advice from other leaders.

“I learned about the future of leadership, which includes collaboration to encourage engagement and innovation.”

“I also found it valuable working with my accountability group on activities and discussing deliverables for the program. It allowed me to bring strong problem-solving and decision-making capabilities that supported the group in applying new and innovative ways to address challenges and develop ideas.”

Kimberly Fischer, Student Success Team Lead, Keypath Education US is also a graduate of the program. “I was given a unique opportunity to learn from a company leader who has years of invaluable experience. Being able to speak candidly one on one with this leader, who has faced similar challenges, was incredible.”

“The experience of having a mentor that was so like-minded has helped me expand on my own personal brand and has given me more confidence to navigate any obstacle in my future career.”

Our Future Leaders aren’t the only ones gaining valuable insight from this program. Shannon Barton is the Vice President of Student Success, Americas and Europe at Keypath and has been a mentor in the Future Leaders Program.

“My mentee Lauren and I have found this to be such a rewarding experience. We continue to meet regularly and discuss how I can continue supporting her as a growing leader.”

Skills learned in the Future Leaders Program

Keypath’s Future Leaders Program is dedicated to developing our organization’s next generation of leaders. The six-month program runs in partnership with SkillsCamp and teaches core skills in the following areas:

  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Delivery and execution
  • Innovation and critical thinking
  • Knowledge and communication

“We have run two cohorts of the Future Leaders Program now and each cohort is roughly about 60 people,” says Robin. “It’s an incredible development opportunity. Keypathers interested in future programs are encouraged to apply.”

A young office worker smiles as his colleagues stand behind him in the group and chat
Both Keypath mentors and mentees gain huge benefits from our Future Leaders Program


How Keypath retains quality people

Keypath strives to be a better organization for its people. Our mission to change our university partners students’ lives through education can only happen when our team feels valued, supported and seen. So, in addition to programs like Future Leaders, we invest in other initiatives that retain talent and give recognition to our Keypathers. These include mental health days, leave policies where Keypathers can choose to work a more condensed week to then have a day off, and the option to work at home, in the office, or a hybrid mix of both.

We also recognize that employees want to grow and develop in their careers. According to a 2023 LinkedIn report, some of the most important factors people consider in a new job are opportunities for career growth and to learn and develop new skills.

We know that many new Keypathers are attracted to our business because we encourage learning. “One of our core values is to be a lifelong learner and we do everything we can to help our people develop and learn. If an employee wants to pursue further education through one of our university partners, we have several available opportunities to do so.” Robin says quite a few Keypathers are currently studying with university partners thanks to this offering. 

As we strive to be one of the best tech companies to work for, these initiatives will continue modernizing and growing to meet both individual and company needs.

Keypathers: now and in the future

The Keypath team promotes diversity and brings a boundless range of skills and talent to our organization. However, the most important factor is our shared belief that education has the power to change lives.

You’ll find learning designers, student success advisors, placement specialists, web developers, educational technologists, and more among our team. And we’re always looking for talented and committed people who share our vision.

Keypath’s goal is to continue to help our partner universities deliver education relevant to the future of work and with modern elements of instructional design. This also includes education that helps to solve global social and economic challenges while improving the lives of our university partner’s students. As our vision remains — ‘transform education, transform the world’ — we will continue to echo this through our work.

Proud of our people

Keypath is proud of our award-winning culture, including being named in Australia’s Top 10 Best Places to Work. Keypath has also been certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work Canada and has been named a Top Workplace by the Chicago Tribune in the US. 

As we continue to grow we want our Keypaths to grow with us. Retaining Keypathers and attracting talented newcomers is vital for our success. Check out the Keypath careers page to learn about employment opportunities.