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Our global team of experienced education experts partner with world-leading universities to develop, design, and deliver the most career-relevant online education solutions that meet the needs of the future of work and help solve our global social and economic challenges. 

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Delivering insights collected from 1M+ leads, 30,000+ students, and 130+ programs across multiple markets, KeypathEDGE allows us to predict trends in markets, customer behavior, and student experience.

These insights enable us to design and deliver the most career-relevant online programs that meet the needs of the future of work and deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes for students. 


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Women teaching person how to speak
Developing more online nursing programs — with a field placement component — would add the capacity that healthcare systems urgently need. In fact, online programs already have grown to meet the shifting demands and schedules of learners, and universities. National accrediting bodies have also grown in their approach to field education and oversight.

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