Meet our team partnering with your institution to achieve long-term growth and deliver the best online learning experiences across the globe. Our talented team pioneered online program management services and has partnered with hundreds of universities worldwide to launch and grow high-quality online degree programs.

“No single investment in a lifetime will have a bigger effect on your life, income and personal well-being. Education has the chance to change a family tree for the better.”

Steve Fireng, Global CEO

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever." -Mahatma Gandhi

Jon Gaunt, COO

“A college education opens doors not only to career opportunities, but also to broader thinking, tolerance and compassion.” 

Eric Israel, General Counsel and Secretary

"In every other online experience people have these days, they get amazing experiences – be it banking, ordering groceries, selecting music – it should be the same in education. It’s incumbent on us all to make everyone’s education experience spectacular."

Ryan O'Hare, CEO, Australia & Asia-Pacific

"Higher education has the power to transform families, the economy, and society as a whole by filling it with learned individuals leading more fulfilling and productive lives. I am proud to be part of a company that is dedicated to such transformation."

Peter Vlerick, CFO

“I believe that ‘online education’ is now just ‘education,’ in the same way that ‘digital marketing’ is just ‘marketing.’”

Daniel Baresic, VP of Marketing

"My more than 25 years of experience in the higher education market have given me an appreciation for the challenges that universities are facing today, as well as some insights that can help universities be more competitive going forward."

Tim Haak, VP of University Partnerships

"I’ve learned the importance of rolling up my sleeves and understanding the business from the ground up. I believe being informed about all aspects of the business allows for better problem solving and decision making.”

Jillian Hiller, Managing Director

“Higher education has a tremendous impact on so many lives and futures – not just students, but the families and friends surrounding them, too.” 

Nancy Ingve, Managing Director

“Employee satisfaction, positive partner feedback and student testimonials are good signs that we are successfully executing on our efforts.” 

James Morgan, Global VP of Admissions

If you adhere to the Golden Rule and treat people the way you want to be treated, you will become a human magnet for success; attracting good business and people along the way.

Mallory Schindler, Vice President of Placement Operations

“The access to quality higher education, regardless of location and/or lifestyle, is a game-changer for many populations around the globe.”

James A. Tribue, III, VP of New Program Development

“The quest to improve online education keeps me interested in higher education, and being able to share this passion with our faculty, people who will inspire generations to come, is a privilege.”

Chris Valadez, Global VP of Instructional Services

“What we do helps people reach goals they never thought they could achieve on their own. That keeps me motivated to continue learning and growing, myself.” 

Robin Washington, Global VP of Student Support Services

"We develop a trusting partnership with our institutions and they understand how our mission and values impact our success. Together we've experienced success in enrollment, growth and completion."

Cindy Wheatley, Chief Academic Strategist

“I am excited to work in higher education because the landscape evolves, and technology advancements bring new opportunities for students to reach their academic, personal, and professional goals.”

Rob Young, Managing Director