Enrollment Advisor Profile - Georgia Mourtokokis

04/27/18   |  
Georgia Mourtokokis

Around the globe, Keypath employees are united by their belief in the transformative power of education, their commitment to helping our university partners create the best online education experiences, and their enthusiasm for their work. Their distinctive skills, responsibilities and personalities are what allow Keypath to continue providing unrivaled education services.

We would like to give you a glimpse into who these employees are, and how their expertise translates into success for our partners.

Georgia Mourtokokis discusses what she does at Keypath, why she loves it, and how the Enrollment Advisor role is integral to student satisfaction:

As an Enrollment Advisor, my primary responsibility is to be the first point of contact for a prospective student after they express interest in one of our partner programs. My initial conversation with the student is during an interview where I work to uncover their goals, needs, and background, to help determine if one of our programs will be a good fit for them and vice versa. This conversation helps build rapport and begin the admissions process. From there, I assist the student in completing their admission files. We communicate consistently, and this helps applicants stay engaged and aware of their responsibilities during the application process. I think of myself as an ambassador for the programs I support. The best compliment I have received was when a student told me they felt like they were the only ones I was working with.

What kind of skills do you need to be an Enrollment Advisor?

There are several key skills needed to be effective in this role. It is critical to be organized, to know how to multi-task, and to be able to communicate effectively. Enrollment Advisors are constantly speaking to our students and creating their paths toward education. Setting timely plans, communicating them effectively, and following up at the right time are crucial to our joint success.

Why is your role important at Keypath?

The Enrollment Advisor is usually the first face a student sees representing the university they’re interested in. The first conversation we have with the student is critical in their decision-making process. We guide students through the entire application process and help them get accepted to the program they are interested in. These relationships often lead to the recruitment of other qualified candidates for our partner programs. We say Enrollment Advisors are the fuel for the recruitment bus and a necessary piece of Keypath’s commitment to our partners.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I love assisting my students on their journeys toward their educational goals. I love to provide them with a seamless process and assure them I will guide them through the steps to make it happen. The best feeling is when a student comes back to tell me that they couldn’t have done it without me, and they are so excited to refer a friend to me, so I can help another person fulfill their dream.

What do you enjoy most about working at Keypath? 

What I love most about working at Keypath is the organization’s collaborative nature and amazing culture.  We are champions of change and dynamic growth, which empowers our team to continuously develop. It is exciting to see our continued growth in leading the OPM space. 

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