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We build meaningful connections. With each other, with our university partners and the students we support around the world.

Higher education careers

Marketing Team

The marketing team has their ear to the ground. They know about the next thing before it’s the next thing. They can craft a strategy and execute it down to the detail. They are fluent in digital, and they’re always spotting opportunities for our university partners.

Student Services Team

The student services team members are ambassadors of our partner universities. From first contact to providing graduation information, they’re the ones getting to know students on a first-name basis. They are good listeners. They are curious. Most of all, they enjoy helping others solve problems.

Keypath Student Recruitment
ID team

Instructional Design Team

The instructional design team loves learning about learning. They embed themselves with faculty and staff to use leading online pedagogy and the latest in distance learning technology to reenvision course content for incredible student experiences.

We're looking for motivated individuals who are seeking a challenging, rewarding career in higher education. If this sounds like you, we hope to hear from you soon.