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Our Mantra

Be bold and do meaningful work.

We act courageously. We know the value we bring, and we bring it. We strive to produce meaningful work because we are passionate about making a difference by helping to educate professionals to transform their world, and in turn ours.

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Our Teams

It takes many skills to design and deliver the most career-relevant online programs with the world’s leading universities. If you’re looking to use your unique set of skills to make a difference, we are always on the lookout for diverse motivated individuals.

Learning Design

Careers Learning Design Team

We love learning about learning

Our learning designers work alongside academic faculty staff and subject matter experts, designing and delivering online courses for incredible student experiences. Learning designers collaborate with academics and develop rich, engaging, and highly interactive learning materials and high-quality course content.

Career openings

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Careers Marketing Team

Bringing programs to life and to market

Our marketing team knows about the next big thing before it’s the next thing. They craft customer-centric strategy and execute down to the detail. They work hand-in-hand with the product development team who use the latest market research to design programs that deliver career-relevant skills for the future of work demands.

Student Services

Careers Student Success Team

Committed to the student experience

Our student recruitment and success team members are the first point of contact for our students. From inquiry through to enrollment in the first unit, we work closely with students to understand their career and study goals, ensuring they choose the right program and are supported throughout their journey with one-on-one support.

Account Management & Operations

Account Management Operations Banner

Key collaborators and managers

Our account management team lead the partnerships with our University partners, ensuring that we are working collaboratively to achieve a great student experience and outcomes. Our operations team help to launch new partners and programs, and support our Keypathers to achieve success and have an enjoyable work-life.   

Clinical and Field Placement Services

Careers Placement Team

Pioneering placement opportunities 

Our partner-dedicated placement team works to source, support, and place students in quality opportunities and within or close to their community.  Placement Support Services is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of a student's field/clinical education program.

Career Opportunities

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Product Development and Launch

Product Team

Dedicated to delivering outstanding products

Our product development and launch team ensure that the programs we deliver are career-relevant, industry-aligned, in high-demand, and achieve successful launches. They are market research and project management experts, dedicated to delivering great products for our partners and students.

Career Openings

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Diverse and Inclusive. It's not just a policy. It's who we are. Find our more about why diversity and inclusion matters to us.

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