International Day of Education - January 24

01/23/22   |  
Keypath Education US

Today is International Day of Education and we sat down with Simi Mathews, Student Success Advisor on our US team, to learn more about what being a lifelong learner means to her.

Can you share your name, position and how long you’ve been a Keypather?

My name is Simi. I’m a Student Success Advisor, and I have been working at Keypath for two years.

Thinking about International Day of Education, what does lifelong learning mean to you?

I believe that learning doesn’t always have to take place in a structured class environment. At Keypath, we can learn from our co-workers and from the students we’re here to help. Having conversations with people will expand your knowledge, and making the most of the resources available to you will open doors for your future self.

You can always learn if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Learning is power, and knowledge is power, and those things can never be taken away. If you’re able to access education, you should always jump on it and take that opportunity. That’s the best part of the human experience: being able to learn and grow.

How has Keypath supported you in lifelong learning?

We have wonderful resources at Keypath. We have access to LinkedIn Learning, which is really cool. There are classes on what conversations you should be having with yourself. Doing that internal check-in to see where you want to go is really beneficial. It guides you on what you’re looking to tackle.

At Keypath, we also have access to a tuition reimbursement benefit and partner degree programs, which are my favorite thing because I think the biggest barrier when it comes to accessing education is financial. It’s amazing to have a program available to you through Keypath and not have to worry about the financial side of it. We also have a lot of opportunities to learn. Last year we had panels for meeting our leaders where we heard about what they’d done and how they’d progressed in their careers. And every department has resources that are shared through Microsoft Teams. Keypath always gives us access to learning so we can better ourselves and learn from each other.

You’re currently taking a program utilizing Keypath's tuition reimbursement benefit, so can you tell us about your experience?

The program I’m doing is a master’s in strategic leadership. I chose this because I’m at the start of my career, and I want to learn how to develop myself as a future leader, as well as get more insight into the business world. This program is wonderful because it covers every aspect: there are classes on HR, conflict management, global leadership, and so many other things.

I’ve only taken two classes so far, and I already have so much more clarity regarding where I want to go with my career. It’s so cool when you realize that you are passionate about something, and I had that realization in this program. Starting this program is probably the best thing I’ve done because before that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Learning from people who have so much experience, and sharing ideas with other students, gives you so much space to learn and grow.

How do you see this impacting your professional and personal growth?

I like having structure when it comes to what I do and what I want to accomplish. The LinkedIn Learning courses gave me the grounding I needed to check in with myself, so I could work with purpose and set out a path for myself. And the master’s program has been the most life-changing experience. Going into this program and learning with my classmates, as well as my professors, has given me so much clarity about my career.

Doing the research and projects in the class I just finished – the leadership and diversity course –has opened my eyes to what I really want to do with my life. And I’m making moves towards that and taking opportunities within Keypath to help me towards that goal. I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that if I didn’t start this program.


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