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Reimagine the transition to practice for new nurse graduates

As hospitals struggle with persistently elevated nurse vacancy rates, increasing the pipeline of new nurse graduates isn’t enough – they need to be practice-ready

The nursing workforce needs transformative solutions to: 

  • Bridge the gap between education and practice 

  • Streamline new grad nurse onboarding 

  • Promote self-efficacy and embeddedness amongst new graduate nurses 

Together we can reimagine the transition to practice to transform the development of your nursing workforce.  

Unlock transformative partnerships with Keypath Connect.
Connect with an engaged, practice-ready nursing workforce
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Build meaningful academic-practice partnerships through our expanding national network of universities to develop a predictable pipeline of BSN-prepared new-hire talent.  

Using collaborative design solutions, Keypath Connect will help you develop alignment on key elements for entry-level nursing practice between your hospital or health system and the university programs.

This allows you to close the gap between the academic preparation students are receiving and the practice-ready skillset they need to thrive in your clinical setting.  

Enhance clinical competencies and quality of care

Transform how clinical skills are taught, measured, tracked, and communicated and move clinical learning beyond checklists. 

EPAs, or Entrustable Professional Activities, contextualize specific professional skills and competencies into an observable activity or unit of work entrusted to a professional, allowing for a deeper level of understanding of the activities that make up each layer of skill acquisition.

Keypath Connect’s Nursing EPAs, coupled with a robust, tech-enabled tracking solution, provide new nurse graduates, educators, and nurse leaders with clear visibility and accountability on the journey to entrustment.  

A diverse group of nurses reviews progress in competency training.
Reduce costs, time, and turnover
A new nurse graduate confidently adjusts an IV bag while fellow nurses watch.

Streamline new nurse onboarding and eliminate the burden of extensive, and often duplicative, hospital-powered orientation. 

The transparency of the Keypath Connect solution allows nurse leaders to evaluate and understand new nurse graduates' competencies quickly and accurately, leading to faster onboarding, decreased costs, and higher self-efficacy among new nurses.

Not only does this approach foster confidence among both leaders and new nurses, it can enhance early job satisfaction, enculturation, and embeddedness, ultimately promoting retention. 

The Keypath Connect Ecosystem

Unlock transformative partnerships with an ecosystem of universities and healthcare providers united by one mission – ensuring the development of practice-ready nurses to help alleviate staffing shortages and improve care delivery and patient outcomes. 

We are leaders in transformation - leveraging our deep expertise in healthcare-focused education to solve the most critical and complex workforce issues impacting healthcare. We're working to overcome the constraints involved with educating and deploying qualified healthcare practitioners into the areas of greatest need.

Transforming Healthcare Education to Transform the World

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Transforming your nursing workforce is within your reach. Connect with Keypath today to learn more.