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This video is part of the Keypath Elevate series for faculty. The instructional design team at Keypath is dedicated to providing quality faculty resources and strategies supporting your transition to teaching online.

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This video lesson provides useful tips for faculty who are planning for planning live sessions. It explores the kinds of activities that work well in live sessions and provides alternative modes of delivery for experiences that can be delivered more effectively through asynchronous learning.

  • Follow a checklist to help you determine if instructional material should be posted online asynchronously or delivered live.
  • Determine topics and activities that would work well in your live sessions.
  • Determine alternative asynchronous strategies for putting your traditional live lecture content online.

Explore the topic on your own in theĀ element below.

Should This Be a Live Session Infographic

We have provided downloadable resources for you to use as well.

Download Should This Be a Live Session Handout