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Designed for Success.


Our vision at Keypath is to design and deliver the most career relevant online programs with the world's leading universities.




With a 'superb student experience' at the core of our brand DNA, Course Design is the foundation of ongoing success for us and our university partners.



what is course design?


Whether on campus or online, a successful student experience is guided by course design. 

Course Design maps a student’s learning journey to learning goals, and helps academics make deliberate decisions about what, when, where and how students learn. In an online learning environment, good course design is critical to ensure that technology doesn't get in the way, but enhances the learning experience.

At Keypath, our Instructional Designers work with university academics to guide, inspire and support these decisions to give students the best chance of success in study, work and life.

why course design matters


Education has the potential to change lives and transform the world. Course Design unlocks this potential.

Learning is more than simply the transferral of skills and knowledge. A successful learning experience is designed to build confidence, open doors, inspire, empower, and instill a lifelong love of learning for individuals, communities, and beyond.

what good course design looks like


Education is a journey.
Course design illuminates the path.

Good course design has the student journey at its core—it illuminates pathways through complexity, enabling students to immerse themselves in their learning experience, and stay focussed on what matters. 

It connects the classroom with the ‘real-world’, bridges the gap between academics and students, and builds trust and loyalty between institutions and students.

how instructional designers work


Instructional Designers collaborate with academics to co-design new programs, or reimagine existing programs for online delivery.

Our mission is to help academics deliver exceptional learning outcomes by harnessing the possibilities of technology to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Through evidence-based practice and expertise, together we design and develop engaging, customised online programs students will love.

who are instructional designers?


Instructional designers come from diverse backgrounds—from education to engineering, psychology to project management— but share a passion for life-long learning, a belief in the power of education to change lives, and strive to deliver the best student experience.

Meet our Instructional Designers


Meet a Keypather: Tran Nguyen

What is your role at Keypath, and what does a day in the life of you here at work look like? I am a Lead Instructional Designer specialising in processes with
Brittany Horton

Meet a Keypather: Brittany Horton

How and/or why did you become an Instructional Designer? My instructional design story began in South Korea, where I spent three memorable years as a grantee in

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