Meet a Keypather: Terry Magelakis

02/24/22   |  
Keypath Education

What is your role at Keypath, and what does a day in your life at Keypath look like? 

I've been a Student Success Advisor at Keypath for over three years. My role involves looking after students in the RMIT University cohort. I organize my day by looking at the priorities for that day and the week. Then I set goals for who I'm going to be speaking to, whether that's registration students who need to be enrolled or re-engagement students who haven't been enrolled for some time. I also check in with students to see how everything is going. Being organized and goal-focused helps me get a lot done throughout the week, and I want to keep on top of things so that I can have good relationships with students and ensure they have everything they need to succeed. 

How would you describe the culture of your team? 

It's absolutely amazing. We get along so well together. We have a laugh, play games, and keep ourselves motivated. We also reach out if someone is unwell or taking leave to move houses or look after a loved one. The initiative within our team is incredible – we're always there to help each other, and we make sure that everyone is up to date with everything that's happening. We don't leave anyone behind. We want to make sure that everyone is thriving and reaching their goals. 

When companies say they're like a family but don't act that way, the analogy goes out the window. But at Keypath, nobody needs to say it because it was clear through people's actions. Working here, everyone makes me feel welcome and happy and safe. 

What is the most important skill someone in your job needs? 

It comes down to three: empathy, integrity and building rapport. These are some of the skills that I've developed, especially since coming to Keypath. You need empathy to understand people from an emotional perspective, whether it's your students, your managers or other Student Success Advisors and Enrollment Advisors. Being there and actively listening to people allows you to understand what they need and what you can do to help. 

Integrity is about respecting other people's values and morals. You may find some people who have the same values and morals as you, but many people are different, and we need to have respect for each other so that we can trust and love each other on a higher magnitude. 

Developing rapport with people, especially as a Student Success Advisor, is something you need to establish relationships built on trust. There's mutual respect when you've been there for a student or one of your colleagues. Then the relationship can grow to the point of trust and openness where people feel comfortable sharing things. Often, students will tell you about certain things in their lives because they trust you and want some help and guidance. I find that just giving encouragement goes a long way with many people, whether that's a student or someone you work with. 

Out of Keypath's four core values (be inventive, be collaborative, be a lifelong learner, be committed), which resonates with you most and why? 

Being a lifelong learner is the one that I really enjoy. Being aware of your behavior and actions helps you develop and grow each day. One of the things that I learnt a long time ago is that you're no better than your previous day if you don't do this. So, each and every day, you've got to challenge yourself. And I think being a lifelong learner means that you look within yourself and say this is a brand-new day – what I did yesterday and the week before doesn't count for today – I have to change my behaviour and actions to make the most of new opportunities. 

How has Keypath aided your professional development or growth as a person? 

Someone is always here to help you with your goals and dreams, whether those are goals within the workplace or dreams outside of it. We have one-on-ones and coaching with our managers, so if you want to become a senior in your team or a manager, you can say that and get advice and guidance on reaching your goal. I've been given responsibilities and trusted with things that have allowed me to grow into the person I'd envisioned. When it comes to growth, I think each and every day, you've got to find little things that you can change so that you can really be your best and most authentic self. 

How does your role help our students succeed? 

I love my role as a Student Success Advisor because I help others succeed by being there for them and giving them motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. It's essential to spend time with students and be patient. Picking up the phone, asking questions about what's going on in their life, actively listening and being supportive show that you're there for them and that you want to see them reach their goals. 

The skills I mentioned – being empathetic, showing integrity, and building rapport – go a long way in helping our students. When I listen to students' issues, I often share my own similar experiences to show them that they're not alone and that whatever they're dealing with isn't just happening to them. Sharing your own challenges and how you got through them can help them see a way forward. Really, just being there for the students, listening to them and offering guidance make a big difference. With us supporting them, they'll have what they need to progress through their course and succeed. 

What's your favourite thing about working at Keypath? 

When I first came here, I was very nervous about being myself and how I would be judged. Keypath gave me the space to be who I wanted to be and allowed me to play to my strengths. I've fallen in love with working here. I've been through many different companies, and the things that I've always craved are what Keypath has always offered. Leaders and managers, and people even higher up, give you the support and love to show that they cherish you and they really want to help you. So, my favourite thing about Keypath is the love, support and acceptance given to all Keypathers, which is why this is such a successful business. 

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