My Path: Teju Kori

09/28/20   |  
Keypath Education US

Our diversity is our greatest strength at Keypath. Our My Path series shines a light on Keypathers from diverse backgrounds, as we learn about their life experience, values, and what led them to Keypath.
In this My Path edition, we speak to Teju Kori, Student Success Advisor, based in Keypath's Melbourne office.

Which Keypath core value resonates with you most? 

I am a proud Keypather who believes in all four of Keypath's values. However, the value I resonate with most is being collaborative.

I love being a Student Success Advisor because I get to have amazing conversations with my students. Being that first point of contact - or face of the university - allows me to provide feedback to other teams regularly. I love being able to collaborate with Learning Design, Marketing and Enrollments Advisors, to make the learning experience as smooth as possible for my students. 

I believe constructive criticism is necessary for initiating conversations about innovation and change and that there is no such thing as too much collaboration.

How is diversity celebrated at Keypath?

Everyone shows respect for my culture and background at Keypath. One of the ways we show our appreciation and acknowledgement of the diversity found here is by celebrating Harmony Day annually. Diwali is also celebrated, where everyone dresses up in Indian traditional outfits.

Celebrating these events with colleagues can open up two-way conversations and learning opportunities about everyone's diverse upbringing and experiences. I love sharing my stories about how we would celebrate back home in India with my fellow Keypathers.

What aspirations did you have when you joined Keypath? 

When I joined Keypath, I saw an opportunity to make a difference. I wanted to understand my role thoroughly while assessing and using all the possibilities for collaboration offered.

I also wanted to develop professionally and be able to pass on the knowledge that I have to other Success Advisors. I look forward to growing with Keypath and continuing to smile along the way with my colleagues.

How has your path helped you develop at Keypath? 

I grew up in a family where everyone worked very hard, seven days a week, and their community values were very strong. My family strives to make other people's lives within their community better. For instance, both my sisters are doctors back in India and have recently tested positive to COVID-19.

I did not want to be a doctor, and the closest comparison I found where I could make a difference in people’s lives was a Student Success Advisor. The fact that I get to speak to students when they are stressed or experiencing challenges and make them feel better; I’ll take that. I take immense pleasure in my role and execute it to the fullest.

My upbringing has taught me to be patient with my students. I want to give back to my community, my students, and my colleagues - much like my family back home. 

How has Keypath helped your career progression? 

I have been blessed with ongoing training for my role and subsequently gaining an understanding of what it takes to be a valuable member of our organization. I have been given the opportunity to train new starters within my team, since joining Keypath 10 month ago. 
Keypath gives me the independence to build my skills, and I continue to feel supported by my colleagues and vice versa. My immediate manager and the seniors in my team are very open. They are happy to help me in any way to build on my current skill set. I am incredibly fortunate as my experience at Keypath has helped shape the person I am, and strive to be, as a professional. 

What aspect of Keypath brings you joy every day? 

I came to Australia in 2015 to pursue my higher education at LaTrobe University. I wish I had a Success Advisor that I could have reached out to - my life as an international student would have been so much more manageable!

Keypath's objectives are always student-centric. It brings me joy that I get to be a part of an organization whose mission is to make students’ lives easier while unlocking their greatness.