Meet a Keypather: Jon Runge | Enrollment Advisor

08/31/20   |  
LeeAnn Sherman

Tell us about your role here at Keypath and how long you’ve been here. 

My role is on the front lines as the Enrollment Advisor for one of our MBA programs. My job is to assist prospective students who are considering getting their MBA, let them know what the program entails and how it can positively impact their lives. I continue with the student relationship providing them everything they will need until start week.  

I have been with Keypath since the office was much smaller in Palatine. I am the 2nd longest-running Business Unit 3 member and have been at Keypath for over three years.

What has working from home been like for you? Wins / Challenges?

Working from home during COVID has been a challenge, a test of patience, resources, and the need to be inventive. I have been developing new ways to grow personally and professionally. I could not see my children for a fair amount of time due to my middle daughter having diabetes and being considered as “high-risk”.

The balance was in trying to get better every day. I worked through and completed two certification programs, got accepted into a master’s program, went on walks, and used my opportunities to improve in different areas. 

My conversations with students are more “real” than before, talking to people looking into making a change during a hectic time, genuinely believing in the impact to have one of my better starts. 

One thing I have enjoyed is putting together bi-weekly huddles to keep up our Business Unit momentum. Giving a teammate a shot at leading a subject area that they found exciting and impactful in how we do our jobs.

One highlight is the collaboration between our Content Managers and Enrollment Advisor’s allowing for more open conversations in the future. No matter the situation, there will always be challenges. The key has been to find a win and be a difference-maker in every moment.

How have you been able to stay connected to your peers during this time?

I think what is great about Business Unit 3 is that we come together over so many different topics. Whether it is a COVID update or the incoming bad weather, a birthday, or a new baby being born, we always find a way. The leader of our team has done a great job of managing the department by providing group chats for whatever the situations might let us know we have an outlet available. Zoom meetings also provide us with a suitable break. I think I text with almost everyone within our department as well. Although getting back to the office would be great!

What was the biggest thing you learned over these last few months (about yourself, Keypath, etc.)? 

During this COVID environment, I think it is how we learn and grow that matters most. I’ve taken steps to be a better listener with students and teammates. Putting myself out there to help anyone, not just the people we work with every day. My three children are growing, learning, and are happy and healthy. My upcoming wedding has been rescheduled, but things are moving forward.

Continue to learn and grow no matter the situation has been the key theme over the last few months. Keeping an open mind and open heart, and always know that you can impact anything you do, no matter how big or small. You are responsible for how people remember you!