Meet a Keypather: Milana Tarbuk

07/23/20   |  
Keypath Education US

What is your role at Keypath, and what does a day in the life of you here at work look like?

As a Senior Student Success Advisor, I serve as the students’ main point of contact for non-academic support. I support two partners, nine programs, and over 450 students, so my day to day can get busy, but that’s what keeps it exciting! I assist students with things such as understanding course requirements, university policies, and sharing available resources to help them be successful in the online environment.

I support students from their first initial call with me all the way until graduation. I serve as extra support, motivation, and guidance to ensure they are successful through their educational journey by checking in with them regularly throughout the semester and making sure they are ready to go for the upcoming semester. As a Senior, I drive functional initiatives, roll out functional strategies, and spend a lot of time collaborating globally and cross-functionally. 

What is the most important skill someone in your job needs?

Flexibility is important when you are a student advisor. This is a fast-paced and dynamic environment and we truly wear many hats in one day. Every day is different and it’s important to be able to be malleable and to know how to prioritize. 

Out of Keypath’s four core values, which resonates with you most, and why? (be inventive, be collaborative, be a lifelong learner, and be committed)

One of the four core values that resonate with me the most is a lifelong learner. My family and I came to America as refugees and the opportunities that I have had here, I would never have back home. Education is something that I find true value in and it surrounds me daily.

I recently graduated with my Master of Arts in Psychology and that has allowed me to apply what I learned to my daily work. I strive when I can share the love I have for education with others and then my passion trickles down to my students.

While being a lifelong learner, that can then lead to being collaborative with co-workers and colleagues, being committed to my job by truly loving what I do, and it allows for me to take everything I learn to be inventive by having a go-getter mindset. 

How has Keypath aided your professional development or growth as a person?

Keypath has aided my professional development by allowing me to think outside the box and it has challenged me in positive ways, while also allowing me to be more confident in my skills. This is a very rewarding job and you can feel that from all aspects. Not only is it rewarding because you help others, but you are also recognized for your hard work at Keypath.

I was awarded the “Standing Ovation” in June 2020 for top performance in student engagement, retention, and overall positive contribution to our global team. Knowing that my efforts have been noticed and appreciated just inspires me to work even harder. Keypath has helped me grow as a person because it created an environment where I am not afraid to try new things or to implement new ideas.

It also helped me create work-life balance so that I have time to pursue other passions, such as furthering my own education. 

How does your role help our students succeed?

Building strong relationships with my students allows them to trust in me and know that I am there to support them along the way. Sometimes we are their only support system and they put a lot of trust in sharing with us. Things can get tough, but by making myself available to my students, I am helping them succeed and reach the finish line – graduation!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Keypath?

The culture. Everyone brings a new set of ideas and values to the team and the environment is full of support. Also working for a fast-growing company, it’s great to always be kept in the loop with the happenings, future plans, and where Keypath is going.

During COVID, I felt so blessed to have an amazing job that truly cares about the employee’s well-being and safety and the transition to work from home was seamless.