Meet a Keypather: Erin Brackman

03/01/18   |  
Keypath Education US

In her position as Director of Marketing Operations, Erin provides leadership and influence around marketing strategies, performance and processes.  Her team is responsible for key activities such as marketing planning and budget, performance analysis, and ensuring partner portfolios include optimal marketing efforts that attract and engage prospective students every step of the way.

What excites you about working for Keypath? 

I work with intelligent, fun people every day. Each has expertise in a different area, and we produce some amazing things when we collaborate. I also appreciate the opportunity to grow and evolve in my role. I was here when we launched our first OPM partnership, and we have expanded so much over the years. It has been such a whirlwind and we have so much more room to grow, which means more opportunity for me to adapt and influence the company.

Where do you see your specialty going in the next five years?

I think we’ll continue to see significant changes in marketing, so we need to be adaptable. For example, technology is a huge factor in how we see the world, research, interact, and communicate. As marketers, we will need to rise to the challenge of changing technology and the growing competition that exists because of it. Continuously adjusting to students’ changing needs and motivations, and finding innovative ways to reach them, is the only way we can keep having meaningful conversations and building customized experiences. 

How do you use your skills to change the student experience for the better?

I have the responsibility of directly impacting students at the very beginning of their journey since marketing platforms are often their first interaction with a brand. It’s important to really listen to these prospective students and understand their motivations right away. Then, we need to clearly communicate how our universities can meet their needs. When their interests are aligned, we have the opportunity to start prospective students on the first step to a meaningful relationship with a best-fit university. They will have clarity around their chosen program, how it benefits them, and what online learning can look like. It’s all part of building a positive experience as they continue the path toward education.

What is a favorite quote that motivates you?

My motivations and my personal definition of success have changed over time. I’ve realized that success, to me, is learning to give beyond myself – showing empathy, kindness, and love in all that I do. Because of that, one of my favorite quotes is: “You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it.” - Unknown

Is there a hobby you can’t live without?

Playing volleyball and reading keeps me sane. I play volleyball twice a week to stay active and fulfill my passion for the sport. Reading is my way to mentally escape into a different world … it’s probably why I don’t get enough sleep: I often stay up into the early hours of the day because I am so immersed in a story!