Keypath Education Hires Vice President of Instructional Design

09/12/16   |  
Hannah Lemon

About 5.8 million students were enrolled in at least one distance learning course in fall 2014, and that number continues to climb, according to Babson Survey Research Group’s “Grad Level: Tracking Online Education in the United States” report. To provide these students with the same high-quality education their on-ground peers' experience, instructional designers work with faculty to present the course content in a way that facilitates online learning, student engagement and a sense of community.

Keypath Education, a full-service enrollment partner that specializes in online program management (OPM) for higher education institutions worldwide, has hired Christine Valadez as vice president of instructional design. Valadez comes to Keypath with more than 15 years of experience in e-learning.

“We are excited to welcome Chris to our team of online program experts,” said Keypath Education CEO Steve Fireng. “Her knowledge and experience make her the right fit to lead and support our growing course development services around the globe.”

Before joining Keypath, Valadez was the chief learning officer and senior vice president of services at Trillium IDS, an e-learning company, where she built curricula and online training modules as well as blended and fully online courses for nonprofit, corporate, virtual high school and university clients. She previously held executive positions at Pearson Embanet and Everspring.

“I have dedicated my career to creating learner-centered, engaging, interactive and meaningful educational experiences,” Valadez said. “At Keypath, I can do that and so much more. Our learning design team does not ‘put courses’ online; we innovate as we reenvision course experiences for online delivery. We are committed to transforming learning through sound andragogy, hard work and ingenuity.”

Valadez received a Master of Science in education in instructional technology from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Northwestern University. Her passion for learning and technology development led Valadez to publish positions with Kaplan, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt before she entered the world of higher education online learning.

In her new role at Keypath, Valadez will lead her team of instructional designers in meeting the needs of today’s students. Keypath Education partners with post-secondary institutions to launch and grow degree programs through OPM, a strategic relationship between universities and external partners that entails market research, capital investment, marketing, and student recruitment and retention. A vital piece of these partnerships is student-centric, holistic, outcomes-driven course design.

For more information, please contact us at 847-597-6410.

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