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The Disconnect Between Students & Employers

04/15/16   |  
Emily Keller-Logan & Christine Boyd

More than 20 million students are enrolled1 in U.S. colleges and universities to advance their chances of getting a good job. By 2018, it’s predicted the U.S. will need 22 million new workers with college degrees2.

Seems like an easy market for students, right? Go to school, submit an application, get a job and everyone’s happy. Yet the reality is that employers and students aren’t on the same page when it comes to something basic, yet important: soft skills. This disconnect, among other reasons, keeps the labor market at a historically high level of 5.5 million open positions3.

What’s the breakdown?

Infographic about the disconnect between students and employers


How can we connect the dots?

  1. Train students on the core soft skills employers want.
  2. Enable busy students to make time for career preparation by building touchpoints into the academic experience that prompt students to connect in and out of class learning to soft skills.
  3. Give students a way to showcase skills and abilities to employers so they can land their dream job.

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