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Ann Arbor SPARK Names Seelio 2015 Company of the Year

08/25/15   |  
Emily Keller-Logan
It was this time last year that the PlattForm family got a little bigger with the addition of Seelio, our career preparation service and technology solution. As we wish the Seelio team a happy anniversary, we are also excited to announce that Ann Arbor SPARK has named Seelio its 2015 Company of the Year! 

Let’s take a moment to look back on what Seelio has accomplished this year.

Since June 2014, Seelio has been introduced to thousands of students at partner programs across the country to help them document their in- and out-of-class learning experiences. New partnerships began with several schools, such as Tribeca Flashpoint, allowing students to begin building a digital identity from orientation all the way through graduation. Additionally, schools such as the University of Toledo and Purdue Calumet University originally introduced Seelio to students in experiential learning courses and is now offering Seelio to students in five colleges.
Students leveraged their digital identity on Seelio to get into graduate programs, land summer internships and jobs, and they shared how they are using Seelio in their interviews. Seelio partner schools shared how Seelio helps them create community, prepare students and showcase what make their programs unique. With the accomplishments that students have documented on Seelio, West Virginia University’s Department of Communication Studies and the Moody Media Lab found new ways to showcase their amazing students by outfitting their department pages with student content.
To help students and faculty have a great experience on Seelio, the team made a number of new feature additions, including individual statistics, direct video uploads, assessment rubrics, career skills rankings and more.
To achieve all of this growth, the Seelio team doubled in size, welcoming technical, services, data, research and partnerships experts who work to help create the world’s most prepared students. Along the way, they carried on many team-building traditions, from consuming over 40 waffle variations on Waffle Wednesdays to sporting campus pride on Theme Thursdays. The team even introduced a robot to help connect team members from cities around the country including Ann Arbor, Boston, Toledo, Columbus, Minneapolis, Lenexa and Chicago.
It’s been a big year and it’s only just the start! We love our Seelio team’s passion for creating prepared students and are excited to bring their technology and services to more institutions around the world!