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Why choose Keypath as your Canadian partner?

Trust in our deep experience to reimagine your highly complex healthcare, social services, business and STEM degrees for today’s working learner. Our Canadian-based team of ex-faculty and education technology experts have already partnered with several leading universities in Canada.

Drawing on our global data analysis, we help you select, co-design and deliver the highest-quality, most career-relevant and in-demand online education solutions.

This is online learning that not only meets the needs of the future of work but actively helps solve our global, social and economic challenges. It’s online learning that unlocks greatness in educators, students and your university.

Together, we can transform education to transform the world.

Canadian Partnerships
Five Principles

How we can transform education together

Across Canada, rapid shifts in the labour market have shone a spotlight on the need for a highly educated workforce. A workforce that requires specific talents and skills in industries such as social services, business, healthcare, engineering, and STEM.

As a leading university, you’re uniquely positioned to help. You can solve this skills shortage crisis by developing comprehensive degree programs for fields facing significant job growth and have the potential to create economic and social impact. However, on-campus education can only reach so far.

Stretch beyond your campus walls to increase your impact with our help.

Following these five principles, we help you build successful online macro-credential programs. These programs remove online learning distance barriers and provide skills-based education and training through flexible, online, and asynchronous models.

What we do

We lead you on a data-informed research journey so that together we select the best online learning degrees that your university can offer. We then co-design these with your faculty to deliver the highest-quality, most engaging student experiences, from awareness to graduation. This includes any clinical and field placements for students across Canada.

Our locally-based teams work as an extension of your faculty and administration, so working with us feels seamless, supportive, and exciting. Plus, our Canadian team’s deep experience and relationships on the ground ensure the best outcomes for you and your students.

Our mission background

Our mission

We are an online education provider that believes the key to transforming education is to:

  • Unlock greatness in educators to advance student outcomes and meet the needs of industry and the future of work
  • Unlock greatness in individuals to improve their lives and solve our greatest social and economic challenges
  • Unlock greatness in our people to tackle complexity through technology and innovation

Canadian Leadership

Graeme Owens
Executive Vice President, Canada

Location Toronto, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Keypath Education is a global educational technology (edTech) company that was founded by Steve Fireng in 2014 and is listed on the ASX. Since the company started, it has grown from strength to strength and we now have over 700 employees – our Keypathers – around the world, with nearly 80 in Canada alone. 

As an edTech company, we’re focused on using technology to enhance the student experience, leveraging our team’s knowledge to provide exceptional student support and collaborate with our partners to achieve significant student outcomes.

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Our Canadian-based team collaborates with leading universities in the country, leveraging our on-the-ground insights and experience. This local knowledge – combined with our global data analysis – drives your online degree selection, design, and delivery, meaning you can become known as the university offering the highest-quality, career-relevant online education solutions in Canada. 

We achieve all this thanks to KeypathEDGE – our end-to-end technology and data platform that powers all of our services across the entire student journey. KeypathEDGE allows us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our university partners and their students.

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KeypathEDGE is our end-to-end data and technology platform with a difference. It's not an LMS, OPM, or online course platform. We take a customer journey and user experience approach to online education delivery. To help ensure the success of your online degrees, we collaborate to create a Keypath BLUEPRINTTM for every program. The Keypath BLUEPRINTTM provides the strategic insights we need to help you deploy a successful online degree in the Canadian education market.

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Since 2017, we’ve worked with some of Canada's leading universities including: 

  • uOttawa

The world is changing at a rapid pace and our universities are at the forefront of leading the shift toward the future of work. However, being limited to single intakes of on-campus degrees means each university can only impact so many people. Also, your faculty’s experience is precious and you only want to tackle this change with a team who understands you.

That’s where we come in. Our Canadian-based team will help you amplify your impact, expand your reach and advance student outcomes via data-driven online learning program selection, design, and delivery. 

We’ll be your partner in transforming your education so that, together, we can transform the world.

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