Research & Program Development

Your university needs a roadmap for what’s ahead, one that lays out both the opportunities and the pitfalls to avoid when launching online programs. Enter Keypath BLUEPRINT™. Our proprietary education research and market intelligence helps your institution develop a strong program foundation for success.

The difference between quick wins and long-term results lies in the quality of the initial and ongoing research and program strategy. Our research evaluates both market conditions and internal capabilities, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions. Our program strategy team builds on that research with a proven process we call Keypath BLUEPRINT™, to ensure a successful online program.

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Market Research

Our research emphasizes three areas: degree demand trending, occupational demand drivers and the online competitive landscape. The Keypath Education research team evaluates 20 data points, 120 critical success factors and 20 financial metrics to provide insights, recommendations and ultimately inform our decisions about program viability.

Our team uses the comprehensive research assessment to develop a predictive financial model. The financial model projects enrollment for each program and the overall enrollment potential, ensuring sustainable enrollment goals are set early in the partnership.

We believe education research is never done, and we provide ongoing research support throughout the partnership. Our team qualifies additional program launch opportunities, conducts ongoing competitor analysis, informs quarterly and yearly marketing plans, identifies high-growth target markets and designs tests to support innovation within the program.

Online Program Modeling

We design online program models with working professionals in mind. Our approach allows for multiple entrance points throughout the year for new students, increases overall enrollment velocity, streamlines institutional costs and resources, optimizes revenue and margin, and scales without interruption.

Institutional Discovery

Market research can reveal program potential, but it’s equally important to know your institution’s ability to launch online programs. Keypath conducts on-campus interviews with your faculty and staff to analyze institutional readiness in admissions, financial aid, information technology, and other key areas.

Our team benchmarks the results of these discovery sessions with industry-standard best practices to produce a gap analysis report with recommendations. This report informs strategy, resource planning and integration between your team and ours.

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Program Discovery

Our team of program strategists begin the strategy phase of the Keypath BLUEPRINT™ process by thoroughly examining the program curriculum, admission requirements, university brand standards and our proprietary research to isolate the unique factors that set your online degree program and university apart from your competitors. Once this analysis is completed we determine a precise target audience for the program and begin outlining a messaging strategy.

Messaging and Positioning

Whether a prospective student is looking at our website, searching the Internet or speaking to a program representative on the phone, we believe that our message needs to be consistent and clear. This philosophy carries throughout all of our marketing touchpoints, from our custom-built websites, to SEO landing pages, direct response, digital brochures, email, paid search, PPC, business-to-business, conferences, educational directories and in any other forms of advertising.

To accomplish this unity our team works across functions and alongside our university partners to create distinctive messages and clearly defined outcomes that position your program for long term success. Creating an interconnected messaging strategy also enhances the overall university brand and helps your program standout with potential students.

Delivering Results

The result of this interconnected process is the development of a Keypath BLUEPRINT™ document that unites the research gained during the Insight phase and the approach developed during the Strategy phase. Upon university approval this BLUEPRINT™ serves as our playbook guiding the launch, marketing and recruitment of students to your program.