Sara Smits

Tell us about your role here at Keypath and how long you’ve been here. 

I started in April 2019 as a Student Success Advisor in the US, Schaumburg office. I have had the privilege to support students in the AA, BA, Criminal Justice, and now DNP programs. 

What has working from home been like for you? Wins / Challenges?

Never in a million years did I think I would be working Monday through Friday in the presence of my own home. Now it has been almost three months of doing so, and I have to say I am getting the hang of it. At first, it was a big adjustment; setting up an ideal workspace, not having that face-face interaction with my coworkers and just overall changing up my daily routine. However here at Keypath, everyone seemed to be in the same situation, and we worked together to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. An extra perk is a super easy commute! 

How have you been able to stay connected to your peers during this time?

The one huge take away I have experienced with my time working from home, is even though you are not technically in the office, you can still engage in conversation and collaborate with others. I feel like now more than ever I am finding myself connecting with people from other functions and even other parts of the world, which is so much fun! 

What has it been like supporting your students through the COVID Pandemic? 

It has been an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs. Some students have been psychically, emotionally, and/or financially affected by the Pandemic. Hearing my students’ stories and the hardships that some of them are facing can be tough but it also nice knowing that they find comfort in sharing these experiences with me.

I also had the privilege of adding on to my student population by supporting DNP students. It has been life-changing hearing stories from these students who are nurses and working with Covid-19 patients. They are so humble even though they are doing something heroic. 

What was the biggest thing you learned over these last few months (about yourself, Keypath, etc.)? 

It may not be ideal being stuck at home for long periods of time (I get a little stir crazy), but I am very happy and fortunate that I still am able to work, continuing having interactions with my amazing coworkers, and am still able to support my wonderful students!

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