Life @ Keypath Education: Joe Palmer

02/12/20   |  
LeeAnn Sherman

We value our people and culture at Keypath Education. So much so, that we enjoy capturing the perspective of new employees as they become Keypathers. The following mini-interview is with Joe Palmer.    

Can you describe, using one definitive word, what the Culture is like within Keypath Education?

Accessible – everyone here is helpful, open, and communicative. It’s great knowing that questions are encouraged and conversations are always open, even with leadership. That’s a rare quality that sets Keypath apart from others and one that is actively fostered throughout the entire organization. 

What do you believe is Keypath Education’s competitive advantage within the education sector?

Its people – we have a team dedicated to the success of every student in every program. Seeing our folks go the extra mile to make sure a student has a quality experience is both inspiring to see and a definite advantage for our partners. Knowing that every student has a whole team of people invested in their personal success is a huge boon for prospects and current students alike. 

From the perspective of a new hire, what did you like the most during your first 30-days at Keypath Education? Feel free to share one or more characteristics that you experienced as you became a Keypather?

It’s been exciting seeing how the company culture and the work dovetail together. Celebrating successes and milestones internally gives everyone the motivation to reach the next – it’s a really compelling environment to be a part of. I’m impressed by how much has been accomplished in such a short period of time by a small (but growing!) team.