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Global VP of Placement Operations

Mallory Schindler

Mallory Schindler VP of Placement Operations

As Keypath’s Global VP of Placement Operations, Mallory Schindler is responsible for operating the field placement function for the company.  Currently, more of the online programs we support will require students to complete field hours as part of their student life-cycle. To make the field placement process worry-free, her department will aid our University partners in placing students in quality placements nationally.



What excites you about working for Keypath?

I am energized by Keypath’s global mission of bringing education to anyone who wants a better life for themselves and/or their family. Accessible, quality education doesn’t just happen, it is ever evolving and intentional; requiring both passion and vision. I see that passion and vision within Keypath at every level and it excites me!

Where do you see your specialty going in the next five years?

The healthcare and allied health markets are facing a workforce shortage and education is, and will continue to be, the solution for producing competent, committed workers in the field. Quality hands on field learning heavily contributes to the success of these workers and as the field feels the squeeze, Universities will be looking for reliable solutions to help them produce more people to fill those roles. We are only in the first inning in terms of OPMs helping Universities grow to a national and/or global scale. In the next five years, my specialty will be in demand and its reach will span the globe, placing thousands of students and positively contributing to a stronger healthcare marketplace.

How can you use your skills to change the student experience for the better?

Being an adult learner and making the commitment to go back to school while simultaneously doing “life” and all its stressors is tough. Through the years in traditional education and in the EdTech space, I have seen it all. My experience along with my clear vision for the Placement department will the give students and University faculty the gift of their time back. Students need to focus on their comprehension of the course materials and its relevance to the field, not on the logistics of calling hospitals systems or local offices to find a placement that could meet their requirements. Focused, stress-free students result in successful students which contributes to a better experience.

What is your favorite personal achievement?

I am a renaissance woman and a continual learner, so it is challenging to narrow down just one personal achievement, because their values carry different weight in my life. Personal success when working towards an achievement means persistence through hardship, establishing meaningful and positive relationships and helping each other succeed in life. The most satisfying achievements in my life have been directly tied to seeing others achieve their goals or personally benefit from my work and/or efforts in their lives.

Is there a hobby you can’t live without?

I love to read and entertain. As I get older, reading about any topic and in any genre is an escape for me and often times adjusts my paradigm a bit, allowing me to see the world through a slightly different lens. My love language is quality time, so any opportunity where I can bring the folks I care about together and get time with them over a meal or game night, I am there!

If you adhere to the Golden Rule and treat people the way you want to be treated, you will become a human magnet for success; attracting good business and people along the way.

Mallory Schindler, Vice President of Placement Operations