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Vinita Sood
Director of Student Operations and Launch, Keypath Education UK

Alma Mater

Northeastern University Boston; MBA in Marketing and International Business

Vinita believes people are the key to Keypath’s success. In her eyes, the right attitude combined with the right tools allow us to achieve unsurmountable heights. She provides strategic direction to Admissions, Students Success and Launch, with an overarching goal of not just enrolling students, but seeing them graduate and improve their quality of life as well.

What’s your personal business philosophy?

Nothing is impossible. Be a catalyst for change and be the person that makes the impossible possible.

What excites you about higher education?

We get to change lives one student at a time. The satisfaction gained from seeing the students’ progress and attending graduation is a feeling that can’t be described. The HE market has come a long way and gained a favorable reputation, and it excites me that we are ahead of the curve. We are instigating that change and developing the future of higher education.

What’s your favorite sports team?

I’m a Toronto native so of course it’s the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although we haven’t won in decades, we are a loyal bunch.

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