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Marketing Next Series Part 3: Faster is Better with AMP for Search and Display

By Amanda Burns
Google Ad Trends

They say patience is a virtue. When it comes to the agonizingly long seconds that it can take for a mobile page to load, however, having patience can seem impossible. Now, more than ever, faster is definitely better when it comes to mobile speed.

Google has been emphasizing the importance of mobile speed for a while now through informal, day-to-day interactions with its advertisers. Last month, they took matters one step further and announced two new ways to capitalize on the speed of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to help customers achieve better results with their advertising.

  • AMP as landing pages for search ads – allows pages to load instantaneously, decreasing bounce rate and increasing onsite conversions.
  • AMP speed for faster GDN ads – increases the likelihood that users see and engage with display ads.

While the importance of page speed may be less significant in the education industry than other industries, like ecommerce for example, it is still an increasingly influential factor in user behavior. Findings from the Spring 2017 State of Online Retail Performance report show that a TWO second delay in load time can hurt conversion rates by up to 103%. In other words, time is literally money if you are an education institution trying to present your webpage to a prospective student.

AMP for Google search ads and GDN ads will be tested through a BETA this summer. So what should you do if your institution isn’t selected for the BETA? Act now. Many education websites contain large images and heavy design, which can slow down page speed. We strongly recommend evaluating your site, removing anything that isn’t necessary and finding a way to make the remaining elements load as quickly as possible. Keypath’s development team can work with you to determine if AMP is compatible with your needs.

You can’t convert the leads you don’t receive, so forget speed to lead for now. First you must focus on speed to load.

Watch these videos to learn more about AMP