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Marketing Next Series Part 1: What Google’s Marketing Next Announcements Mean for Education

By Myron Liu
Google Ad Trends

On May 23, Google held its annual announcement keynote for their Ads, Analytics, and DoubleClick products. Marketing Next 2017 lived up to its billing, shaking the worlds of digital marketers everywhere once again. It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, Expanded Text ads and Device Bid Adjustments headlined the event. Adding 45 characters to ad limits seemed like such a major change at that point. Fast forward to 2017 and Google claims to have solved attribution, mastered data, demystified audience, and advanced machine learning. While these are certainly not new concepts in the marketing, the excitement lies in the prospect of more advanced and more readily available tools packaged neatly by the world’s favorite search engine.

With Google pushing the envelope, the Digital Media team at Keypath Education is gearing up to leverage new tools to continue to provide the best results for our clients possible. We’ve shared our take on the biggest announcements Google Marketing Next had to offer and the impact that we foresee new features and technologies will have on the education digital marketing landscape. Be sure to read the full posts in the series

Part 2: Why attribution matters   
Google will be gradually rolling out their Google Attribution product, a free tool for to help marketers measure their digital advertising efforts across devices and channels.

Part 3: Faster is better with AMP for search and search and display
Google has been emphasizing the importance of mobile speed for a while now through informal, day-to-day interactions with its advertisers. Last month, they took matters one step further and announced two new ways to capitalize on the speed of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to help customers achieve better results with their advertising.

Part 4: Unlocking In-Market audiences for search
Google continues in their quest to personalize search for every individual user and their circumstances. They have now announced that in-market audiences, currently available only for campaigns on the Display Network or YouTube, will be rolled out to search campaigns in the coming months.

Part 5: Working smarter with Google Optimize & Google Surveys 360
Google announced two new tools at the Marketing Next 2017 Series that have joined forces with AdWords and are designed to help increase productivity and deliver better results. 

Part 6: Google’s next steps in audience targeting
New audience segments will allow advertisers to reach consumers at specific points in their lives. These segments, called Consumer Patterns & Life Events will be available in both YouTube and Gmail, and will target users based on their consumption behavior.