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Prepare Your Strategy for Pinterest Paid Search Ads

By Keypath Digital Media Team
Pinterest Search Ads

As the social sphere continues to disrupt the advertising world, Pinterest is rolling out search ads. While these will be image-heavy, rather than text, the idea is similar to Google: a user searches a relevant term, and your ad is present right at the start of the results. So, what are the digital media team’s thoughts? Here’s our take on how to maximize this new opportunity:

Think Outside the Box

Because most users will likely still use Google search to find schools with terms such as “business college” or “online school,” the terms we bid on in Pinterest will need to be more targeted to how users use Pinterest.

They’re typically looking for tips/lists on how to better themselves, i.e. “how to pay for college,” “find the right college” or for those already in college, “boost my GPA.”

With that in mind, we need to focus our content on what will engage our users

Get Creative

If a user is looking for tips/tricks, we don’t want to provide them with a generic “Learn more about XYZ University.” Instead, we need creative that a user will read and pin (save for later), which will help keep your brand in the mind of the user.

We recommend infographics with helpful information or at least an impactful image that drives a user to a useful blog article. The more meaningful the user finds the content, the more likely they are to save it and reference again later

Find the Fit

While we think all of our partners should consider a test of this new product, those with the following will see particularly strong performance:

  • Niche program offerings. Cosmetology schools, for example, could bid on “hair tutorial” terms, culinary programs could bid on “recipe” terms, etc.
  • Strong Pinterest pages. Schools that already have a well-maintained and updated Pinterest page will be more trustworthy in the eyes of Pinterest users.
  • Creative content/imagery. Those who have or are willing to develop creative content with strong imagery will be set for success.

What to Expect

As mentioned above, you need to focus your content on what will engage Pinterest users. Your goal shouldn’t necessarily be direct inquiries, but rather optimizing performance related to pins, likes, shares and comments. The more engaged the audience, the more they’ll remember your name as they continue their higher education journey.

Additionally, we expect volume to be somewhat low (especially to start) when bidding on relevant terms. While searches like “Nike shoes” or other products will likely start with high competition, you can achieve low costs per click by entering the space early.

Do you think your school would be a good fit for a Pinterest search ad test? Contact a Keypath media buyer to find out. Happy Pinning!

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